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Top ten for Senza Paragoni women's race team in road season debut

Created by Michelle Arthurs Brennan at 2018-02-18 21:54:55

The Paragnella women's race team made its road race debut on Sunday, with Michelle Arthurs-Brennan securing eighth place, coming second in the bunch sprint at the SERRL Newchapel Kermis.

Anna Marie Hughes looked in good form, having raced the Full Gas Track League with Michelle a few days before, but unfortunately fell victim to the wintery road conditions and punctured early on.

Gemma Hayes was registered to ride, but had to sit out as she recovers from a lingering cold.

The start sheet contained 49 names, with several teams putting forward full rosters for the 51km race on the Horne circuit.

The road surface has suffered over the colder months, with a fair few new potholes littering the 2.9km circuit, resulting in a disproportionately high crash rate.

After an early break was pulled back, two Le Filles riders counter attacked, along with one Fusion Velo Performance RT rider.

The remaining Le Filles did a frustratingly excellent job of controlling the pace, making it difficult for lone riders to push the pace.

In the final two laps, three more riders attacked individually. It looked like they’d be caught, but the peloton relaxed as they came into sight, never quite making the catch.

With six riders now in total out front, Michelle sprinted to eighth – a reassuring start to the race season, though not without some regret at not being a bit more aggressive in joining the lone attackers in the final laps.

Duncan and Jeni Murdoch, plus new members Sophie Household and Rachel Fleming were out in full force to cheer the riders on.

The SERRL organisers did an excellent job, creating a smooth running race whilst NEG motorbike marshalls expertly dealt well with some less than accommodating road users

The next SERRL race will be on Sunday March 11 on the Crowhurst circuit and we hope several of the Paragonella riders will be out to race.


Norwood Paragon Women's Team kicks off the season on Sunday Feb 18

Created by Michelle Arthurs Brennan at 2018-02-12 22:29:19

The newly launched Norwood Paragon Women's Team kicks off the road season this Sunday, at the South East Road Racing League Newchapel Kermis.

Image: Huw Williams

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, Gemma Hayes and Anna Marie Hughes will be representing Norwood Paragon, racing against a full field of 50 category 2/3/4 riders from across the country.

The 50km course will comprise of 11 laps of the Newchapel course, which circulates Horne Park Golf Club, using Burstow Scout Hall in Smallfield as the HQ.

The start flag will drop at 10am - any Paragon supporters along the route will be very welcome and appreciated.

The team will be racing road and track events through the 2018 season, and has grown to a membership of six:

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Katharine Broadbent (formerly Geoffrey Butler RT)

Rachel Fleming (formerly Redhill CC)

Gemma Hayes (formerly East Grinstead CC)

Sophie Household (formerly Vertex-Biemme)

Anna Marie Hughes (formerly Vertex-Biemme)


Riders wanted for Norwood Paragon Women’s Race Team

Created by Daniel Sullivan at 2018-01-19 09:34:21


Norwood Paragon is growing its women’s team and looking to recruit riders for the 2018 season.

The cycling club, which meets regularly in Reigate (Surrey), has recently recruited four Cat 2 and 3 female members, all of whom are experienced road racers planning to compete in the coming year.

Joining riders include Katharine Broadbent (joining from GB Cycles RT, road),Sophie Household (formerly Vertex-Biemme, road and time trial), Anna Marie Hughes (also Vertex-Biemme, road and track), and Gemma Hayes (East Grinstead CC, road and time trial).

Remaining with the club is Michelle Arthurs-Brennan (road, track and time trial), and riders will also benefit from the guidance of former Team GB rider Sophie Johnson – on club rides until March and virtually thereafter when she leaves us for an extended trip abroad.

The team will use the tag line #SenzaParagoni, which in English means 'unmatched', and they're hoping to live up to the title.

The 1904 established club is able to support the riders over the 2018 season, with a pot of investment that will go towards providing a discount on kit (which will be provided at trade cost from Hoste) and contributions towards race entry for target events.

All female racers looking for team mates to ride and train with in the East Surrey/Sussex area are encouraged to join.

For those interested in racing the clock, Norwood Paragon successfully launched a women’s club time trial series over the 2017 season, sometimes drawing a 50/50 gender split – this will grow with additional events into 2018.

Ringleader of the new Norwood ‘Paragonella’ group, Michelle Arthurs-Brennan commented: “I joined Norwood Paragon last year. The club has provided a fantastic base to learn from, with some excellent male racers who have really brought my riding on thanks to the well ordered, but pretty testing, club runs. But once again, as per all the clubs I’ve been in over the last six years, I was the only woman racing.

“It seems to me that, whilst London cycling clubs typically have fairly good numbers of female members, in Surrey a lot of clubs have just one or two racing women within their membership.

“The result is that these women often don’t stay for long, quickly joining teams, where sometimes their needs aren’t met – kit might be supplied but there’s no local club run or support. The goal of our new incentive is to provide women in the area with a supportive group of female club mates to train and race with.”

Club runs meet at 9.30 AM on Sunday at Maison du Velo in Reigate, with some mid-week training rides available.

The 2018 Norwood Paragon kit – which is being manufactured in Italy by Hoste - has been designed by Simon Warren, and the order needs to go in soon for a timely arrival.

Riders can join any time, but to access trade cost kit in the new design they’ll need to email by Tuesday January 23, listing their racing experience and plans for 2018.

Target races for the group are TBC – but will include road races and some track events.


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